To mark Whisky Live Paris 2019, La Maison du Whisky will be exclusively launching its latest publication Nuancier des Alcools, an incredible educational tool with 100 data sheets explaining every nuance of the various categories of wine, beer, liqueur and spirits. To introduce this new work, author Didier Ghorbanzadeh, Maison du Whisky trainer and expert, will offer four training sessions every day with comparative tastings.


Experts-Formation – La Maison du Whisky


Didier is a certified professional trainer and manager of the Experts-Formation center at La Maison du Whisky, and also the author of Nuancier des Alcools, published by Flammarion, with La Maison du Whisky, which will be launched exclusively at Whisky Live Paris 2019.

Whisky : scotch, bourbon, Irish, etc


More than a simple geographical origin separates the major whisky producing nations, as each abide to different approaches and techniques, from the cereal to the ageing, which are clearly reflected in the taste. Learn to distinguish between the main styles: bourbon, rye, single malt scotch, blended scotch, Irish pot still whiskey.

Rum : traditional, agricole, cachaça, Clairin, etc.


While all rums are made from sugar cane, this can take various forms such as fresh juice, syrup or molasses… Also, depending on the colonial history of the producing countries, different philosophies will translate into a variety of styles. Discover the specifics behind them with typical examples of Martinique rhum, cachaça, Jamaican rum, Nicaraguan rum and clairin.

Sherry : fino, amontillado, oloroso, px, etc


References to sherry matured or finished whiskies are quite common, but are you familiar with the different styles of the fortified Spanish wine ? From bone-dry fino aged under flor to sweet pedro ximenez or oxidative oloroso sherries, experience the rich diversity that sherry has to offer, which influences your favourite spirits, by tasting the most common styles: fino, amontillado, oloroso, muscatel and px.