Forum – Masterclasses

Launched in 2017, the Forum will hold 30-minute masterclasses throughout the event, with household names in fine spirits (master distillers, master blenders, distillery directors, writers, etc.) sharing their expertise and secrets.


Free to all visitors, the Forum is a superb opportunity to share experiences and meet fellow enthusiasts.

They were present in 2018

Theme : Flight tasting of Yoichi and Miyagikyo limited editions

Presentation and tasting of Nikka’s iconic Yoichi and Miyagikyo Single Malts, and the various aging of these Limited Edition Single Malts, in Sherry and Bourbon casks.


About Tadashi Sakuma :

Starting his career at Yoichi distillery just after entering the company in 1982, Sakuma has widened his experience in whisky production, aging, procurement of raw materials and quality control. From 1995 to 2001, he was based in London and traveled throughout Europe as the General Manager of Nikka European office. In April 2012 he was appointed the chief blender and the manager of blending section as the successor of Nikka’s blending technique and philosophy inherited from the founder Masataka Taketsuru. He is now responsible for the whole quality management of Nikka products.

Par : Tadashi Sakuma

Master Blender – Nikka

Par : Don Livermore

Maître assembleur – Lot 40

Theme : An Innovative Design of a Whisky Flavour Wheel

The presentation will be a discussion on the Canadian Whisky Flavour Wheel©. What are the flavours found in Canadian Whisky? The importance of grain, fermentation, distillation and maturation and the processes we have in place to isolate and measure these components.


About Don Livermore :

Dr. Don Livermore is the Master Blender of Hiram Walker & Sons Limited in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. After graduation with a degree in microbiology, Don started his career in the distillery as a lab technician. Don furthered his education by completing a MSc and PhD in Brewing in Distilling with a focus on how wood interacts with whisky. In 2012, he became the Master Blender of Hiram Walker Distillery.

Theme : 30th Anniversary


To celebrate Signatory Vintage’s 30th anniversary, the renowned Scottish bottler invites you to taste the exceptional single casks that helped build its reputation. Immerse yourself in 30 years of stories from Signatory Vintage, owner of Edradour..


About Andrew Symington :

Andrew Symington is the founder of the Signatory Vintage house, which is celebrating it’s 30th anniversary this year. He has also owned the Edradour Distillery since 1997, located in the city/village of Pitlochry in the Scottish Highlands, where the single malts Edradour and Ballechin (the peat version) are distilled and aged. On the occasion of this anniversary year, Signatory Vintage will be bottling numerous exceptional expressions that will be presented at Whisky Live Paris 2018.

Par : Andrew Symington

Fondateur de la maison Signatory Vintage

Par : David Roussier & Erwan Lefebvre

Directeur général & Maître de chai – Armorik

Theme : A walk through the Armorik warehouses:cask strength bottlings and the first 10 years old

A walk through Armorik’s warehouses: cask strength bottlings and the first 10 years
Armorik, the Breton single malt and pioneer of French whisky – The distillery’s evolution


About David Roussier & Erwan Lefebvre :

David Roussier, Directeur Général
After cutting his teeth in Geneva, David moved to Lannion in 2009 to develop Armorik’s export business. In 2012, he officially took over from his step-father Gilles Leizour at the helm of the distillery.

Erwan Lefebvre, Maître de chai

A trained oenologue, Erwan earned his stripes working with the wines of Languedoc. After returning to his homeland in September 2014, he studied whisky for 2 years before becoming Armorik’s Cellar Master.

Theme : The distillery 10 years history


The Chichibu distillery celebrate 10th anniversary since the whisky making has started in 2008.
We’ll see the growth of the whisky from the beginning, with the history of the distillery.


About Yumi Yoshikawa :

Yumi was previously a bartender at Imperial Hotel, Tokyo, before moving to New York in 2008. In 2011, while in Scotland, Yumi became involved in whisky making, as a caskman at Bruichladdich, as well as working as a bartender at Highlander Inn, Craigellachie, since returning to Japan, she has been the Global Brand Ambassador for Chichibu Distillery

Par : Yumi Yoshikawa

Ambassadrice de marque – Distillerie Chichibu

Par : Nicolas Julhès

Fondateur – La distillerie de Paris

Theme : Rediscovery of iconics single malts from Diageo’s distilleries


Whisky expert and La Distillerie de Paris founder and master blender Nicolas Julhès is above all an aesthete and passionate drinks merchant. At the head of the family delicatessen business, Julhès Paris, the ever-curious Nicolas has worked with Diageo’s teams for more than 10 years as a consultant for their many brands of single malts. This year he introduces us to some superb malts, with a new approach to the world of whisky and incredible simplicity.


About Nicolas Julhès :

Presentation and tasting of limited editions from three iconic Scottish distilleries, including an exclusive unveiled for the first time at Whisky Live Paris 2018.

Thème : The 20 rue d’Anjou’s assortment


About Jean Marc Bellier  :

An expert who fell in love with Scottish whisky on his first trip to the country over 30 years ago, Salvatore Mannino teaches the art of tasting and the history of whisky at the LMDW Academy. Author of Guide de l’Expert Whisky (2015, ed. LMDW/Flammarion), he admits that his love is now shared between the two-great whisky-producing nations of Japan and Scotland (where he continues to regularly spend “glamorous” holidays on the Isle of Islay).

Par : Jean Marc Bellier

Experts La Maison du Whisky

Par : Marc Sassier & Stephen Martin

Maître des chais & Ambassadeur de marque – Saint James

Theme : Saint James’ assortment

Les Rhums Saint James, 250 ans de passion, de tradition, d’artisanat et d’expertise. N°1 mondial des Rhums Agricoles des Caraïbes. Une large gamme pour toutes les occasions, de la création de cocktails à la dégustation d’exception.

About Marc Sassier & Stephen Martin :

MARC SASSIER (Saint James)
A trained oenologist and agronomist, Marc Sassier has, for more than 15 years, been the Cellar Master and Production Manager for Rhums Martiniquais SAINT JAMES. An active player in the Martinique Rhum Agricole sector, he was the primary author of the Rum PDO and PDG specifications. He was named Best Master Rum Maker 2016 at the International Rum Conference of Madrid.


Named Best Mixologist in France in 2009, Stephen Martin is a household name in the French bar and cocktail world. An ambassador of the Saint James brand, he travels France meeting young generations of bartenders, sharing with them his knowledge and love of French spirits.

Theme : New Oak aging


Through a guided tasting, we will explore Longueteau’s lastest productions, all aged entirely in new oak casks. We will learn about the painstaking work of the malt master to design an iconic and authentic product.

About François Longueteau:

The eldest son of Francois Longueteau, and fourth generation distillery director. After studying sales and marketing, he first cut his teeth at IMPEC Guadeloupe, which represents LVMH’s wine and spirits brands in Guadeloupe, before joining the Mars group in Orléans, and finally joining the distillery’s sales and marketing team in 2011. Alongside his father and brother(Nicolas), Francois has gradually taken charge of the warehouse and the distillery’s entire finishing process.

Par : François Longueteau



Maison Velier

Theme : The end of colonial era

About Luca Gargano:

Luca Gargano, an intrepid explorer of spirits and a true lover of life is a rare character indeed. With a true passion for high-quality products, he is best known for his knowledge and expertise in rum: he works tirelessly to discover new styles of rum, such as traditional Clairin in Haiti, to continually bring rum enthusiasts new and updated experiences.

Theme : Importance of the cask in the aging and finition of whisky.


Brian Kinsman will present Glenfiddich’s latest brainchilds, Winter Storm, 21 Year Old, which has been aged in Canadian ice wine casks, and Fire & Cane, the perfect combination of rich and smoky flavors. Kinsman will also present a number of exclusive whiskies that have marked his career as a malt master


About Brian Kinsman :

Brian Kinsman represents the sixth generation of Glenfiddich malt master. A trained scientist, with a chemistry degree from the prestigious St Andrews University, he was David Stewart’s apprentice for 8 years and became a malt master in 2009 after an intensive, immersive education in the world of whisky. His talent and creativity have enabled him to push the boundaries of whisky, notably for the development of the Experimental Series range.”

Par : Brian Kinsman

Maître de chai  – Glenfiddich

Par : Saki

Mars – Tsunuki

Thème : Aging in 3 warehouses, what is going on now

Mars whisky, owing 2 distilleries and 3 warehouses, started aging experiment in 2013 across Japan. Saki brings special tasting to share the different profiles from the 3 sites.

About  Saki :

After getting master’s degree of biochemistry, Saki entered the company Hombo shuzo in 2015 and is working for EU market.

Theme : Exploring the Calvados terroirs

Originally separated into ten AORs and one AOC in 1942, these terroirs are today limited to three AOCs (PDOs), behind which lie a multitude of local realities. What still remains today of these regional particularities?

About Vincent Béjot, d’Ayméric Dutheil et Thibault Patte :

Vincent Béjot, Aymeric Dutheil and Thibault Patte are the founders of Calvados independent bottler Trente et Quarante. Since 2015, these three passionate enthusiasts have made it their mission to explore these unjustly forgotten terroirs. Relentlessly scouring the region, they hunt down the best casks from the most popular producers. Their blends of eaux-de-vies from different terroirs and distillation methods offer new expressions of calvados that are rich and original. The most exceptional are sold as exclusive single casks to preserve their documentary value as far as possible.

Par : Vincent Béjot, Aymeric Dutheil et Thibault Patte

Fondateurs – Trente & Quarante


Whisky Maker – Compass Box

Theme : A decade of creativity and collaboration with Stranger & Stranger

A retrospective tasting, hosted by Founder & Whiskymaker John Glaser, in celebration of a decade of creativity and collaboration with packaging design agency Stranger & Stranger..

About John Glaser :

Before discovering the world of whisky in 1994 John Glaser worked in the wine industry. Six years spent with the spirits giant Diageo would then lead him to develop a real passion for whisky and a new way of thinking about blending. To bring this to life he decided in 2000 to stand on his own two feet, designing his first blend in his kitchen. He then set himself up in the basement of a hairdresser’s in the centre of London. Since then he has moved his modest laboratory to a spacious loft in Chiswick Studios, still in the heart of London.

Theme : The influence of sherry cask in the aging of whisky

Undeniably one of the greatest master blenders of all time, Richard Paterson, aka The Nose, will be looking at the impact casks, port casks in particular, have on whisky maturation. In this exceptional tasting, three unique expressions of The Dalmore will be tasted, with their creator on hand as a guide.

About Richard Paterson :

Considered to be one of the greatest whisky producers of his generation, Richard Paterson is admired for the passion, creativity and wisdom he puts into creating his whiskys.

His five decades of experience in the industry have made Richard the distillery’s creative genius, continuing the incredible tradition of whisky production and maturation first begun by the Mackenzie family.


Master Blender – Jura & Dalmore

Par : David Florac

Maître distillateur – Maison Augier

Theme : Cognac Augier since 1643, a brand new vision of cognac

Augier, the oldest producer in Cognac, has been reborn with unusual cognacs that explore new avenues and which shake up the category. If you thought you knew everything there is to know about French spirits, their colors, aromas, distillation methods and grape varieties… then think again! Cognac is in no way limited to what has been seen so far – many more surprises lie in store! And David Florac, Master Distiller for Maison Augier, aims to show you this with his three extraordinary creations, L’Océanique – Île d’Oléron, Le Singulier – Folle Blanche, and Le Sauvage – Vins sur lies renforcées.

About David Florac:

David Florac grew up in the vineyards of Charente with his grandparents, who worked in the vineyard of a Fins Bois estate. He immediately felt drawn to the spirit of Maison Augier and its desire to create cognacs with huge character that faithfully express Cognac’s soils and nature. For each terroir and grape variety worked he seeks an appropriate distillation method that preserves the character of the eau-de-vies created.

Theme : Whisky Live Paris 2018 favorites

Serge Valentin will present his favorites from whisky live Paris 2018. A superb selection to discover and taste ! 

About Serge Valentin :

With over 10,000 tasting notes, the Whiskyfun blog is a genuine institution for whisky lovers. Serge Valentin, who updates the blog almost every day, is part of the very closed fellowship of the Malt Maniacs.

Par : Serge Valentin

Journalist – Whisky Fun

Par : Chris Leggat

Directeur – Douglas Laing

Theme : 70th Anniversary

Douglas Laing 70th anniversary: Tour of Scotland’s Whisky Regions

About Chris Leggat :

Join Douglas Laing’s CEO and Keeper of the Quaich who will take you on a tasting tour of Scotland’s Whisky regions

Par : Gregory Vernant


Thème : La maitrise des éléments : du profil de chauffe à la conversion bio

Prochainement en ligne


A propos de Gregory Vernant :

Petit-fils de Hildevert-Pamphille Neisson, fondateur de la distillerie du même nom, Grégory Vernant est un personnage à part dans l’univers du rhum. Ce passionné de single malt japonais, qui dirige sa distillerie d’une main de maître, s’implique dans toutes les étapes de la production. A une époque où la plupart des petits producteurs ont été absorbés par de grands groupes, cette distillerie familiale située sur l’île de la Martinique, peut se targuer d’avoir su préserver son indépendance depuis sa création en 1931.

Thème : The seven pillars of mezcal aromas

Prochainement en ligne


A propos de Gregory Vernant :

Petit-fils de Hildevert-Pamphille Neisson, fondateur de la distillerie du même nom, Grégory Vernant est un personnage à part dans l’univers du rhum. Ce passionné de single malt japonais, qui dirige sa distillerie d’une main de maître, s’implique dans toutes les étapes de la production. A une époque où la plupart des petits producteurs ont été absorbés par de grands groupes, cette distillerie familiale située sur l’île de la Martinique, peut se targuer d’avoir su préserver son indépendance depuis sa création en 1931.

Par : Romain Llobet

Brand Ambassador – Del Maguey

Par : Alex Bobbi & Julie Mocquot

Agricultural engineer & distillery’s Director of Production and Cellar Master – Neisson

Thème : Mastering the elements: from heating profiles to going organic

The area Neisson dedicates to organic farming has grown year on year. It now represents 15% of the land and has led to the creation of various products, including L’Esprit Bio 66% in 2016, and Le Bio par Neisson 52.5% in late 2017, released to mark the distillery’s 85th anniversary. To celebrate the event, artist Philippe Beaudelocque created special packaging. The first organic rums to be aged led to the creation of the organic Profile 105, testament to the distillery’s complete mastery of the elements, from growing to maturation. For the “Profil” expressions, Neisson called on World Cooperage to buy its new casks. Numerous tests were carried out with different types of oak from different origins and a variety of heating profiles. In the end, heating profiles 105 and 107 were chosen, with their characteristics remaining exclusive to Neisson.

About Alex Bobi:

The Neisson distillery’s Director of Production and Cellar Master for 17 years.


About Julie Mocquot:

An agricultural engineer specializing in the environment. Head of agriculture at Neisson, responsible for the “Organic Agriculture” project.

Theme : A journey through The 5  Pillars of the Flor de Caña

This presentation includes a journey through The 5 Pillars of the Flor de Caña Story and ends with the brand’s signature 5 Senses Tasting Protocol.

About Mauricio Solórzano :

Mr. Mauricio Solórzano has worked for Flor de Caña for more than 20 years and is currently the Global Brand Ambassador. This position has allowed him to represent the brand in more than 27 countries, spreading the passion and extensive knowledge through the 5 senses tasting protocol of Flor de Caña, the pride of Nicaragua around the world.

Par : Mauricio Solórzano

Global brand ambassador – Flor de Caña

Par : Alexandre Koiransky

Owner – Fair

Theme : Fairtrade in the spirits industry

About Alexandre Koiransky :

After roaming Chicago’s ghettos for a small Cognac producer, Alexandre decided he wanted to bring meaning to his work, to stand out from the crowd by developing a truly engaged catagory of spirits. At just 30 years old, he created the first fair trade vodka.Eight years later, Fair is the number one producer in the world of ethical and responsible spirits, which adhere to very high quality standards and above all are designed to ensure everyone in the production chain benefits, respecting the rights of producers throughtout the world.

Theme : Rhum Guadeloupe PGI

Understanding the diverse range of production methods used through the choices made at each stage of production. The technological innovations of the 19th century behind the rum found in Guadeloupe today, possible new procedures.

About Grégoire Hayot :

In 2006, he emphasized the importance of developing Guadeloupe’s old rhums agricoles, created the company Marquisat de Sainte-Marie and revived the iconic 1970s brand Karukera.

Par : Grégoire Hayot

General Director – Karukera