Monday 7th October

Tasting Hall – Room 1


By: Chris Morris

Master Distiller – Brown Forman

Theme: Modern interpretations of classic straight American whiskey styles via grain innovation

11h00 to 11h45


The masterclass will be based on the Woodford Reserve Distiller’s Select range and the creation of its four whiskeys (Bourbon, Rye, Malt and Wheat).


About Chris Morris:

Chris Morris was made Brown-Forman’s Master Distiller and responsible for Woodford Reserve 15 years ago. The man behind this innovative, premium quality Bourbon, he has come to be regarded as an iconic figure in the world of American whiskey.

By: David Lind

Europe Director – Loch Lomond Group

Theme: The art of creating aromas in the fermentation and distillation process

12h00 to 12h45


To really understand whisky’s flavour profile, you need to go back to the beginning of the production process. The Loch Lomond distillery has an innovative approach, with different types of still used at the distillation stage, creating a unique, diverse aromatic palette that reveals exceptional whiskies with very distinct characters.


About David Lind:

Starting his career in Glenmorangie David has worked for several whisky companies in a variety of different roles across the world whilst living in Europe, Asia and the USA. Working with the Loch Lomond Group for the last 3 years during their exciting growth phase and international expansion. David presents a rounded perspective of the whisky world and his tasting sessions tryo to link the production process with the whiskies themselves for an interesting and entertaining session.

By: Gregg Glass

Master Blender – Jura

Thème: French Forest Walk with Gregg Glass : Jura Seven Wood Deconstruction

13h00 to 13h45


Description : Shortly available


About Gregg Glass:

Shortly available

By: Graeme Cruickshank

Master Distiller – Aberlour

Theme: Aberlour, naturally generous since 1879

14h00 to 14h45


To mark his first visit to Whisky Live Paris, Graeme Cruickshank, the Aberlour distillery’s Master Distiller, will be offering a tasting of three whiskies that represent Abelour’s classic style. Over the course of tasting these whiskies, he will explain the key role that nature plays in the flavour of this single malt and in the style of this small Speyside distillery.


About Graeme Cruickshank:

His experience at the Chivas Brothers distilleries has led him to become a respected figure in the world of scotch whisky and his exceptional expertise was recognized in 2018 with the award of the title Best Master Distiller at the International Whisky Competition. Loyal to the spirit of Aberlour, Graeme is committed to ensuring that the artisanal nature of this Speyside distillery continues long into the future.

By: John Glaser

Master Blender – Compass Box

Theme: Myths & Legends presentation

15h00 to 15h45


Compass Box founder John Glaser will present Myths & Legends, three new whiskies which reveal how blending influences the whole Scotch whisky world.


About John Glaser:

Before discovering the world of whisky in 1994 John Glaser worked in the wine industry. Six years spent with the spirits giant Diageo would then lead him to develop a real passion for whisky and a new way of thinking about blending. To bring this to life he decided in 2000 to stand on his own two feet, designing his first blend in his kitchen. Since then he has moved his modest laboratory to a spacious loft in Chiswick Studios, still in the heart of London.

By: Sukhinder Singh

Owner – Elixir Distillers

Theme: Single cask and small-batch independent bottling : The Single Malts of Scotland

16h00 to 16h45


Showcasing the diversity of Scotland’s whiskies from the full Single Malts of Scotland range: Single Cask series, the Director’s Special collection, the Marriage of Casks and the all-new Reserve Casks.


About Sukhinder Singh:

Après avoir fondé The Whisky Exchange en 1999 avec son frère Rajbir, la passion de Sukhinder pour le whisky a rapidement évolué vers le sourcing et la mise en bouteille de ses propres fûts. The Single Malts of Scotland était sa toute première série de single malts, suivie par d’autres marques telles que Port Askaig et Elements of Islay. En 2017, la branche d’embouteillage indépendante de l’entreprise a été renommée Elixir Distillers. Sukhinder fut nommé Maître du Quaich en 2018 et reçut le trophée Outstanding Achievement in Scotch Whisky Industry décerné par l’IWSC la même année.

By: Dave Broom


Theme: Shortly available

17h00 to 17h45


Description: Shortly available


About Dave Broom:

A Whisky Magazine contributor and Glaswegian Whisky Advocate now based in the South of England, Dave Broom has, for more than twenty years, carried out research in the world of spirits, first of course in whisky but then also in gin and rum, both the subject of his most recent creations. He is a literary authority for enthusiasts and trade professionals alike and has received prizes on four occasions at the Glenfiddich Awards.

Monday 7th October

Tasting Hall – Room 2


By: Steven Cameron

Ambassador – Gordon & MacPhail

Theme: G&M, pioneer of the single malt market and sourcing contracts with the major Speyside distilleries.

11h15 to 12h00


Description: Shortly available


About Steven Cameron:

Franco-Scottish and a great whisky enthusiast, Steven began his career as a consultant at La Maison du Whisky. Since then he has joined the Scottish independent bottler Gordon & Macphail and now represents them throughout Europe.

By: Hajime Kunai

Director – Distillerie Mars

Theme: What various natural environment in Japan infers for Mars Whisky?

12h15 to 13h00


While Mars Whisky, owning 2 distilleries and 3 aging cellars, started aging experiment in 2013 across Japan, actually Mars started its whisky experience 70 years ago. Overcoming the Ice age of Japanese whisky, Master Blender Hajime Kunai brings special tasting to share the different profiles from the 3 sites.


About Hajime Kunai:

Hajime Kunai becamed the Winery manager at Mars Yamanashi Winery in 1984. From senior manager of Mars Yamanashi Winery and Mars Shinshu Distillery in 2005 to general manager in 2009; he finally assumes the office of director at Hombo Shuzo Co. Ltd. He has been certified Whisky Expert by the Japan Whisky Research Centre, Sommelier by the Japan Sommelier Association and Oenologist by the Wine Technology Research Association.

By: Martin Markvardsen

Ambassador – Highland Park

Theme: Highland Park : The Orkney Single Malt with viking soul

13h15 to 14h00


Founded in 1798, Highland Park is the most northerly distillery in Scotland. Shaped by Orkney and by the Vikings who settled here over 1,000 years ago, the distillery offers unique, delicate and elegantly peated whiskies.


About Martin Markvardsen:

Martin Markvardsen is Global Senior Brand Ambassador for Highland Park, been working for the brand for 14 years and responsibly for the training and education of his fellow ambassadors. He travels the world 200 days of the year spreading the gospel of Highland Park.

By: John Little

Smooth Ambler

Theme: Rye Grain – How Rye Grain Affects Finished Spirit

14h15 to 15h00


All about Rye Grain and the difficulties of working with rye grain in the cooking/mashing process along the advantages in the finished spirit. The group will taste a variety of new make from low-rye bourbon to rye whiskey and then taste those same spirits as aged distillate.


About John Little:

A native North Carolinian, John began his career in distilling in 2008 as the inception for the business that would become Smooth Ambler Spirits first began to take flight. With him at the helm, what began as small craft distiller with a limited, regional reach has flourished into one of the most respected small production distilleries in the U.S., winning coveted awards as well as intense public praise. As CEO and Head Distiller, John continues to lead the Smooth Ambler team with passion, determination, straight-shooting, and an ever-vigilant eye toward quality of spirits and quality of life.

By: Stewart Walker

Owner – Fettercairn

Theme: When purity rythms with rarity: discovery of the new Fettercairn range

15h15 to 16h00


Stewart Walker, Fettercairn’s Master Distiller, presents a new range of whiskies from Fettercairn, characterized by exceptional smoothness thanks to their unique distillation process.


About Stewart Walker:

Stewart Walker began working in the distillery in his hometown of Fettercairn in 1990 as a warehouseman; today he is the manager. His knowledge of the science of barrels and distillation has thus been patiently acquired over the years. Distillery manager since 2015, he is the driving force behind this new range.

By: Matthew Hoffman

Co-founder & Master Distiller – Westland Distillery

Theme: Available shortly

16h15 to 17h00


Description: Available shortly


About Matthew Hoffman:

Matt Hofmann is the Co-Founder and Master Distiller of Westland Distillery in Seattle, Washington. He is also one of the founding members of the American Single Malt Whiskey Commission which seeks to establish, protect and promote the category of American single malt whiskey across the globe. In 2015 Matt became just the second distiller ever named as a Rising Star by StarChefs magazine and was also recognized by Forbes as one of America’s 30 under 30 tastemakers. In 2016, he was honored as one of Wine Enthusiasts 40 under 40 and in 2018 he received the American Master Distiller of the Year award by Whisky Magazine.

By: Peter Holroyd

Master Distiller – Kingsbarns

Theme: Available shortly

17h15 to 18h00


Distillery Manager, Peter Holroyd, shares the journey leading up to the release of the first single malt from one of the Lowlands newest Scotch distilleries. Peter will introduce the new make spirit and explain the distillery’s characteristics and production methods. The tasting will continue with “Dream to Dram”, which was only released in January 2019. The last dram in the masterclass line-up is being launched at Whisky Live Paris and will be revealed at the masterclass.


About Peter Holroyd:

Peter Holroyd has been at the helm of distillation since the construction stages at Kingsbarns, sharing his passion for whisky and turning the Kingsbarns dream into a reality with the Wemyss family. A native of Glasgow, Peter graduated from the Heriot Watt Brewing and Distilling Course in Edinburgh, working in a number of small breweries before joining the Kingsbarns Team in his first whisky role over 5 years ago.

Monday 7th October

Rhum Gallery


By: Alexandre Gabriel

Master Blender – Plantation

Thème: Plantation Xaymaca Special Dry deconstructiony

11h30 to 12h15


Description: Available shortly


About Alexandre Gabriel:

In 2012, Alexandre Gabriel was elected Rum World Best Master Blender and received the prestigious Golden Barrel Award. He shares with us a few insights from his vast knowledge and expertise in the world of cognac and rum.

By: Thierry and Clémence Ogez

Owners – Arhumatic

Theme: From punch to Rhum Arhumatic : All, or almost, the secrets behind great maceration

12h30 to 13h15


Description: Clémence and Thierry will share their knowledge and values, and introduce us to the raw ingredients used in their macerated rums.


About Thierry and Clémence Ogez:

Clémence and Thierry, dedicated professionals and lovers of fruit, vegetables, and fine deli products for over 15 years, have successfully harnessed their expertise in high-quality fresh fruit. Initially macerating rum for their own personal use, today they have become true “master blenders”.

By: François Longueteau

Marketing & Commercial Director – Longueteau

Theme: Longueteau, Les Parcellaires : Terroir and environment during the production

13h30 to 14h15


Description: Trough 2 tastings, François de Longueteau will talk about terroir and environment during the production of important agricultural rum.


About François Longueteau:

The eldest son of Francois Longueteau, and fourth generation distillery director. After studying sales and marketing, he first cut his teeth at IMPEC Guadeloupe, which represents LVMH’s wine and spirits brands in Guadeloupe, before joining the Mars group in Orléans, and finally joining the distillery’s sales and marketing team in 2011. Alongside his father and brother (Nicolas), Francois has gradually taken charge of the warehouse and the distillery’s entire finishing process.

By: Alexander Kong

Sales manager – Worthy Park

Theme: Worthy Park Estate : Jamaica’s Single estate rum producer

14h30 to 15h15


Come join Zan as he walks you through the nearly 350 years of Worthy Park, Jamaican’s oldest currently operating estate. From cane to molasses to distillation to blending, aging and bottling learn about what makes this family owned and operated, 100% Jamaican estate special.


About Alexander Kong:

Alexander “Zan” Kong, Export Sales Manager for Worthy Park Estate: returning to his roots in Jamaica, Zan started with Worthy Park to run the export department and spread the gospel and educate the masses of 100% pot-still Jamaican rum around the world.

By: Robert Greaves

Owner and founder – Mhoba Rum

Theme: The making of an African pure sugarcane rum.

15h30 to 16h15


Presentation An introduction to MHOBA Rum, South Africa’s first single estate sugarcane rum by owner and founder, Robert Greaves.


About Robert Greaves:

Coming shortly

By: Luca Gargano

Maison Velier

Theme: Tropical vs Continental Aging – A comparative tasting

16h30 to 17h15


Description: Shortly available


About Luca Gargano:

Luca Gargano, an intrepid explorer of spirits and a true lover of life is a rare character indeed. With a true passion for high-quality products, he is best known for his knowledge and expertise in rum: he works tirelessly to discover new styles of rum, such as traditional Clairin in Haiti, to continually bring rum enthusiasts new and updated experiences.