Whisky Live Paris 2019 is a unique and privileged occasion to meet professionals from the industry, brought together for the largest whisky and spirits tasting event in Europe.

Now an unmissable date in the calendar, almost 160 exhibitors from the world of whiskies and spirits are expected to attend again this year.

For its 16th edition, Whisky Live Paris will open its doors to a world of bespoke tastings.

Offering a unique experience with the new releases and exclusives presented this year, one full day will be entirely dedicated to you!

They were present in 2018

Forum Masterclasses

Par : Sharla Ault et Alberto Sinibaldi

Ambassadrice & Bartender – Nardini

Thème : Aperitivo : Du cabinet médical aux outils de bar.


La mode de l’apéritif a pris un essor fulgurant. Nous explorons la manière dont les extraits de plantes à l’apéritif étaient utilisés à des fins médicinales. Comment le spritz est-il perçu par les barmen ? Et comment l’apéritif s’inscrit-il dans le monde des cocktails ?


A propos de Sharla Ault :

Responsable des Relations Publiques de la distillerie Nardini pendant 11 ans et a participé à la coordination de la publication du Grappa Handbook, mettant en avant de nouvelles manières d’utiliser la gamme de produits Nardini dans des cocktails. Le rituel de l’apéritif fait partie intégrante de sa vie en Vénétie.

Thème : Protéger le processus ancestral du Mezcal dans une nouvelle ère…


Bienvenido dans une dégustation qui englobe véritablement les nombreuses espèces d’agave, avec une collection complète permettant de comprendre les anciens processus artisanaux de la récolte, la fermentation et la distillation du Mezcal traditionnel. Ce séminaire vous aidera également à appréhender l’usage rituel et la portée spirituelle du Mezcal dans la culture autochtone, et inclura une présentation des incroyables palenqueros qui, depuis des siècles, transmettent ce processus sacré de génération en génération.


A propos de Steven Olson :


Steven Olson intervient comme défenseur mondial du Mezcal, alias geek de l’agave, en partenariat avec le Mezcal Del Maguey Single Village. Après des décennies de voyages autour du monde à enseigner, donner des conférences et écrire sur les thèmes du vin, de la bière, des spiritueux, du saké, et de pratiquement toute autre boisson imaginable, il a désormais l’honneur de consacrer son énergie et ses efforts à vanter les mérites du Mezcal.

Par : Steven Olson

Ambassadeur – Del Maguey

Theme : Peat Mastering : what’s influencing the peat

Through three references from the Kilchoman Distillery, discover what is influencing the peat.


About Anthony Wills :


With over 20 years’ experience in the whisky industry, Anthony Wills knows all of peat’s secrets. In 2005 he set up the Kilchoman farm-distillery on the west coast of Islay, and today this malt needs no introduction.

Par : Anthony Wills

Directeur de distillerie – Kilchoman


Fondateur de la maison Signatory Vintage

Theme : 30th Anniversary

To celebrate Signatory Vintage’s 30th anniversary, the renowned Scottish bottler invites you to taste the exceptional single casks that helped build its reputation. Immerse yourself in 30 years of stories from Signatory Vintage, owner of Edradour.

About Andrew Symington :

Andrew Symington is the founder of the Signatory Vintage house, which is celebrating it’s 30th anniversary this year. He has also owned the Edradour Distillery since 1997, located in the city/village of Pitlochry in the Scottish Highlands, where the single malts Edradour and Ballechin (the peat version) are distilled and aged. On the occasion of this anniversary year, Signatory Vintage will be bottling numerous exceptional expressions that will be presented at Whisky Live Paris 2018.

Theme : The importance of cask’s aging and finition in whisky

Brian Kinsman will present Glenfiddich’s latest brainchilds, Winter Storm, 21 Year Old, which has been aged in Canadian ice wine casks, and Fire & Cane, the perfect combination of rich and smoky flavors. Kinsman will also present a number of exclusive whiskies that have marked his career as a malt master.


About Brian Kinsman :

Brian Kinsman represents the sixth generation of Glenfiddich malt master. A trained scientist, with a chemistry degree from the prestigious St Andrews University, he was David Stewart’s apprentice for 8 years and became a malt master in 2009 after an intensive, immersive education in the world of whisky. His talent and creativity have enabled him to push the boundaries of whisky, notably for the development of the Experimental Series range

Par : Brian Kinsman


Par : Ian Chang


Theme : Kavalan: richness and diversity of barrels

During a masterclass, discover the aging in different types of Kavalan Whiskeys ‘ casks and taste the Single Casks LMDW 2018.


About Ian Chang :


Kavalan’s great history is marked by encounters that changed its destiny forever. The collaboration with Master Blender Ian Chang that began in 2005 is undoubtedly one of its more important. Sought out from the very beginning of the project, Ian Chang, who learned the subtle art of blending in the United Kingdom, boosted the project with his immense knowledge of Scotch Whisky and his huge passion for Scotland.

Theme : We are Islay

It is Adam who makes the final call to say when whiskies are ready to go forward to the Harvey Hall to be bottled. Adam is an Ileach – a man born and raised on the Scottish island of Islay. After school he had left briefly to study in Aberdeen, but the call of his Scottish island home was strong and he soon returned to join Bruichladdich.


About Adam Hannett :


Masterclass Description – Join Bruichladdich’s Head Distiller Adam Hannett as he tastes through three new Port Charlotte expressions. Sharing stories on the distillery’s commitment to their island home, Adam chats culture, community and why Port Charlotte is not your average Islay single malt.

Par : Adam Hannett


Par : John Shutt

Chargé de partenariats – Michter’s

Theme : Introduction to Michter’s distillery

The class will showcase the “Cost be damned” philosophy Michter’s Distillery takes in producing their -whiskey.


About John Shutt :


Strategic Partnerships Manager, Michter’s Distillery.
Having worked in the American Whiskey industry for more than a decade, John’s main area of focus as a Sales Director, Marketing Executive and Strategic Partnerships Manager, has been throughout European markets. Born and raised in Kentucky, John has a true understanding of U.S southern culture as well as the production characteristics and techiques unique to the region known for producing America’s finest whiskey.

Theme :  Connoisseurs Choice : New identity and the art of maturation

The heart of our portfolio – always unique, these non-chill-filtered, natural color, small batch expressions are genuine one-offs.


About Steven Cameron :


«Half French, half Scottish and a real whisky buff, Steven started his career as a customer advisor at La Maison Du Whisky. Since then he has joined Scottish independent bottler Gordon & MacPhail where he looks after several European markets. »


Gordon & MacPhail

Par : Nicola Riske

Ambassadrice de marque – The Macallan

Theme : The Macallan and wood expertise

After an introduction to The Macallan, Nicola Riske will lead a Masterclass on the brand’s expert knowledge of different types of wood and their provenance. The class will be accompanied by a comparative tasting of a trilogy of 12-year-old whiskies and Macallan Edition No.4. .

About  Nicola Riske :

Born and raised in the Canadian city of Winnipeg, Nicola Riske started working in the industry full-time in 2012 as a US Brand Ambassador for a range of blended scotch whiskies and in 2015 was named a Top Ten Finalist for ‘Best American Brand Ambassador’ at Tales of the Cocktail. In 2016, Nicola moved to Madrid to become a Brand Ambassador for The Macallan single malt whisky in Central and Southern Europe.

Theme : Pioneers and enthusiasts, together they created the Barrel Swap Program

In 2017, Alexandre visited the La Alteña distillery on the high plateaus of Arandas, near Jalisco, Mexico. There he discovered Tomas and Carlos’ playground and the precious agave used for their tequilas. It was the beginning of a genuine relationship of exchange and sharing. Alexandre brought in his suitcase an exceptional American Quercus Alba cask, with smoky notes, a typical example of the traditional savoir-faire of his tequilero colleagues.
In return, they gave him a cask that had been used to age their Plantation rums in what they call a “barrel swap”!

About Tomas Estes et Carlos Camarena :

Carlos Camarena :

Carlos Camarena is a third-generation tequila producer and the Master Distiller of Tequila Ocho. His family’s distillery, La Alteña, has been producing tequila since 1937 in Jalisco, Mexico. He is among the most respected tequila producers in the world, and has been recognized with numerous awards.


Tomas Estes :

Tomas Estes has been a bar and restaurant owner for over 40 years, having founded the Pacifico Group in 1976. In addition, Tomas has been recognized twice by the Mexican National Tequila Chamber with the title of “Ambassador to Europe for Tequila”.

Alexandre Gabriel :

In 2012, Alexandre Gabriel was elected Rum World Best Master Blender and received the prestigious Golden Barrel Award. He shares with us a few insights from his vast knowledge and expertise in the world of cognac and rum.

Par : Alexandre Gabriel, Tomas Estes, Carlos Camarena

Ocho & Maison Ferrand

Par : Hernan Parra & Goerges Grant

Master Blender – Dictador

Theme : Two Masters: teaming rum with other spirits

For over 40 years, Dictador has been meticulously perfecting the art of rum making according to family recipes and techniques. It is now time that this superior aged rum finds its way to the workshops of some of the most outstanding artists of the spirit world – artists who expertly craft distinct categories of alcohol in the most exquisite ways imaginable..

About Marc Sassier & Stephen Martin :

The creator of the distinguished Colombian Dictador rum that belongs to the Iconic Art Spirits category. This rum has been aged according to exclusive, family-owned recipes for three generations. Thus, Hernan Parra is entrusting his best barrels from selected vintages in the hands of other cellar masters.

Theme : The Martinique PDO & the Bally 2000 cask strength

Martinique, the home of Rhum Agricole. From rhum z’habitant to the PDO.The Martinique PDO, recognized quality.The difference between PDO and PDG.Bally, the prestige of tradition.

About Marc Sassier :

A trained oenologist and agronomist, Marc Sassier has, for more than 15 years, been the Cellar Master and Production Manager for Rhums Martiniquais SAINT JAMES. An active player in the Martinique Rhum Agricole sector, he was the primary author of the Rum PDO and PDG specifications. He was named Best Master Rum Maker 2016 at the International Rum Conference of Madrid.

Par : Marc Sassier

Bally – Maître de Chais

Par : Alexandre Gabriel

Maison Ferrand

Theme : The new distillery

Prochainement en ligne

About Alexandre Gabriel

In 2012, Alexandre Gabriel was elected Rum World Best Master Blender and received the prestigious Golden Barrel Award. He shares with us a few insights from his vast knowledge and expertise in the world of cognac and rum.

Theme : What is hot in the Rum Category today

A candid look of the what rums are making waves in the rum industry

About Ian Burrell:

One of the most travelled figures within the drinks industry, the award winning “EduTainer”, has redefined the definition of an international spirits ambassador. In 2017 he was awarded “Rum Communicator of the year” at the Agile Media’s Think Rum trade event. He is also the Spirited Awards 7-time final four nominee and 2018 winner of the International Brand Ambassador of the year at the prestigious Spirited Awards at The Tales of Cocktail celebrations in New Orleans, even though Ian doesn’t represent any single brand, but a category.

Par : Ian Burrell


Par : Luca Gargano

Maison Velier

Theme : Jamaica Renaissance

Prochainement en ligne

About Luca Gargano :

Luca Gargano, an intrepid explorer of spirits and a true lover of life is a rare character indeed. With a true passion for high-quality products, he is best known for his knowledge and expertise in rum: he works tirelessly to discover new styles of rum, such as traditional Clairin in Haiti, to continually bring rum enthusiasts new and updated experiences.

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