Rhum Gallery

ForteBolstered by the success of its inaugural edition, the Rum Gallery will be back in its very own area spanning 1,000m2.


This space dedicated entirely to rum, next to the tasting hall, will offer a unique journey of discovery and tasting. A masterclass hall dedicated to the category will also offer visitors the chance to meet and talk with key figures in the rum industry.


Rhum Gallery


Grégory Vernant, Philippe Baudelocque et Alex Bobbi

Owner – Neisson / Artist


THEME: Rediscovery of iconics single malts from Diageo’s distilleries

One land, women and men, one rhum and drawings. Exchange with Philippe Baudelocque, who has created the draw of 2003 millesime.



About Grégory Vernant:

The grandson of Hildevert-Pamphille Neisson, who founded the distillery of the same name, Grégory Vernant is an important figure in the world of rum. This lover of Japanese single malts, who runs his distillery with incredible skill, is involved in every stage of production. At a time when most small producers have been absorbed by large groups, this family-run distillery on the island of Martinique can proudly state that it has maintained its independence since it was first created in 1931.


About Philippe Baudelocque:

Baudelocque’s work is inspired by the theme of knowledge, its many different dimensions, and how it is passed on through time. In addition to his studio work, he has produced a large number of artworks in public spaces, from Paris to Hong Kong, via Japan, Azerbaijan and Kenya. Baudelocque is currently focused on centres of knowledge, in areas ranging from science, as in the case of the Synchrotron Soleil particle accelerator at the Plateay de Saclay, to literature, as demonstrated by his work with the Biblothèque Nationale de France.


About Alex Bobbi:

The Neisson distillery’s Director of Production and Cellar Master for 17 years.

Alexandre Gabriel

Master Blender – Maison Ferrand

Theme: Shortly available

Shortly available


About Alexandre Gabriel:

In 2012, Alexandre Gabriel was elected Rum World Best Master Blender and received the prestigious Golden Barrel Award. He shares with us a few insights from his vast knowledge and expertise in the world of cognac and rum.

Mario Navarro

Brand Ambassador – Rum Nation

Theme: Explore rum’s many terroirs and cultures

He will introduce us to the various styles of rum and help us understand what makes each one different.


About Mario Navarro:

Mario Navarro has worked in the rum industry for over 15 years. After acting as Zacapa’s first Global Ambassador from 2011 to 2014, he joined the team at Rum Nation as their training manager.

Raul Zeledon

Ambassador – Flor de Caña

Theme: The Importance of Sustainability in the Rum Industry

Making the difference in Social and enviromental commitment.


About Raul Zeledon:

From the Land of Lakes, Volcanoes and Flor de Caña, with 15 years in the hospitality and spirits industry, Raul will introduce you to the world of sustainability and care for the environment while producing the best Rum in the world.

Marc Sassier

Bally / Saint-James

Theme: Shortly available

Présentation Masterclass : Shortly available


About Marc Sassier:

A trained oenologist and agronomist, Marc Sassier has, for more than 15 years, been the Cellar Master and Production Manager for Rhums Martiniquais SAINT JAMES. An active player in the Martinique Rhum Agricole sector, he was the primary author of the Rum PDO and PDG specifications. He was named Best Master Rum Maker 2016 at the International Rum Conference of Madrid.

Martin Dupont

Ambassador – Fair

Theme: A journey deep into the terroirs of the FAIR range of fairtrade rums

Created in 2008, the FAIR brand recently celebrated its 10th anniversary. Come and discover the history of each FAIR rum and the brand’s values!


About Martin Dupont:

A pillar of the brand for over 8 years, Martin has traveled the United States and Europe to share FAIR’s values with enthusiasts around the world.

Ian Burrel


Theme: Rum 101. The many styles of rum.

There many types of rum, just like there are many types of whiskey. Global Ambassador for the Rum category, Ian Burrell highlights some of these styles with a tasting of some of his favorite rums.


About Ian Burrel:

One of the most travelled figures within the drinks industry, the award winning “EduTainer”, has redefined the definition of an international spirits ambassador. In 2017 he was awarded “Rum Communicator of the year” at the Agile Media’s Think Rum trade event. He is also the Spirited Awards 7-time final four nominee and 2018 winner of the International Brand Ambassador of the year at the prestigious Spirited Awards at The Tales of the Cocktail celebrations in New Orleans, even though Ian doesn’t represent any single brand, but a category.

Ken Grier

Creative Director – Dictador

Theme: Rum. The new star on investing scene.

This presentation covers lessons learned from building the leading investment grade brand in Scotch whisky and will touch on luxury consumer motivations; the secrets behind creating high value products that sell and why Dictator is leading the way in rum.


About Ken Grier:

Ken Grier, founder of De-Still Creative, is an award-winning marketer who specializes in creative luxury brand building. He spent the last two decades driving forward brands such as: The Macallan, Highland Park and The Famous Grouse at drinks brand owner Edrington, before founding De-Still Creative at the end of 2018. Now he is the Associate Creative Director in Dictador Company. He created the legend of Whisky, now he creates the legend of Rum.

Luca Gargano

Maison Velier

Theme: Shortly available

Because of its history, process, reputation and character, Jamaican rum is a significant chapter in rum history. An unmissable trip in Jamaica led by Luca Gargano moving from Hampden Estate Distillery to Worthy Park Estate, passing through Monymusk and Long Pond.


About Luca Gargano:

Luca Gargano, an intrepid explorer of spirits and a true lover of life is a rare character indeed. With a true passion for high-quality products, he is best known for his knowledge and expertise in rum: he works tirelessly to discover new styles of rum, such as traditional Clairin in Haiti, to continually bring rum enthusiasts new and updated experiences.